Cutting More than Chips

I was cutting more than chips in the shop this morning. ūüėú Today marked the end of a 20+ year era of sporting pigtails and zip-tied ponies in the shop.‚úāÔłŹ Been feeling more alive than I have felt in years – though the meds that keep my immune system in check have not been as […]

Growing Into A Career that Fits

There has been much chatter recently about the major shift in how the working class has been transitioning away from the traditional role of being a cog in the corporate machine‚Äď and the refrain that folks just ‚Äėdon‚Äôt want to work anymore‚Äô.  As I have spent most of my career as one of these cogs, […]

Transformative Journey

Last week, I embarked on a transformative journey to¬†#Portland,¬†#Oregon, uniting with esteemed peers in the¬†#CNC¬†industry, individuals I’ve long admired. Our purpose? To forge a path towards an exceptionally¬†#unique¬†training platform for¬†#CTE¬†#professional¬†#development¬†.¬†What I brought back this morning transcended the confines of a mere project’s beginning. Returning to¬†#Wisconsin, I carried with me a rekindled passion, an awakened spirit, […]