"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make." — Jane Goodall

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My Services

Your purpose in life is to use your gifts and talents to help other people. Your journey in life teaches you how to do that. - Tom Krause

Hands-on CNC Training

Do you have a Tormach mill or CNC router that you have been wanting to run, but have been flummoxed on where to start? Are you an educator or school that has Tormach equipment that you would like to use for your CTE program, but need some customized training and projects to help you get started? Jenny has got you covered - in fact, this is her passion. Jenny can demystify the CNC milling/routing process so that you can lead your classroom with confidence and creativity.

CAD / CAM Training

Ready to take that concept/design that you have modeled into the next step on your mill or router? Tired of trying to figure out why your whatzamajigit doesn't flipsadaisy?
Jenny can help you to decode all that high-tech jargon into a fun and visual adventure into understanding the cartesian landscape of Fusion360.


Working on a new project, but need one little custom part completed to check the fit/form/function of your concept?
Got some dogbones you need cut for your tensile testing or a quick part revision you need made on order?
We got you covered!
**NOTE FROM JENNY: If you do ring for dog-bone testing samples and one of the shop dogs answer - please refer to them as tensile bars. They tend to get a bit drooly when they hear the word dog bone. I blame Pavlov.

Custom Handcrafted Goods

Building a home bar/game space and just craving your own custom designed bar top so that you can impress your friends at the next Festivus celebration, Sportsball party or D&D campaign?

Searching for a custom handcrafted gift that needs to be as unique as your loved one?

Set up a consult and discuss your design concept with Jenny to see if we can bring your idea to life.

Public Speaking and Advocacy

A bit of cheek wrapped around a smorgasbord of technical knowledge and real word experience - Jenny is off the cuff and unscripted. With a plethora of experience in being the last moment key note speaker at a variety of events, she is always able to deliver both laughter and uniquely useful insight. With public addresses that will wake your attendees from their conference slumber, Jenny weaves in vivid storytelling along with an inspiration message of using your trade to build your dream.

About the Company

“Success is not a destination but a journey. Anyone who is on course toward a worthy goal is successful. Success does not lie in the achievement of a goal but in its pursuit. Success is a journey!”- Earl Nightingale

Happy Customers

We purchased a Tormach 4-axis machining center for our Maker Space. I wanted our Maker Space volunteers and Makers to have good foundational training. Jenny delivered a three day training. Jenny kept a good pace during the classroom and hands-on training. Everyone learned a lot, had fun, and appreciated Jenny’s patience and openness. If you need a rock star trainer, hire Jenny!
Holly Hanson
Cumberland Business Incubator, Crosseville, TN
Mom really cares about delivering top notch service. She always ensures that we have fresh water on the rocks (with no flies or kibble bits floating in it).

She also makes sure that our Kongs are filled with treats when we come in from our morning adventures.

You should hire our mom so we can get more Barkboxes and obnoxious squeaky toys.
Diesel & Clutch
Shop Dogs (Executive Level) Of Wrench Wench Worx
Whether you're aspiring to learn CNC on a Tormach or any CNC machine, Jen is the ideal instructor. Her excellence in education, coupled with a strong advocacy for STEM education, makes her a standout choice, particularly for those not traditionally exposed to such fields. Additionally, her creativity extends to custom-making, earning her the title of a "crazy creative." I wholeheartedly endorse Jen for her outstanding contributions to education, innovation, and community building.
Matt Doeppers
Owner Of Red X Consulting