Wrench Wench Worx

Our Story

Once upon a time on a quaint dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin, I, Jenny (Lead Wench), grew up surrounded by cows and principles as solid as cheese curds. These principles evolved into the backbone of Wrench Wench Worx, a brainchild born not just to reflect my values but to let me give back to the world that’s been churning out goodness for me.

At Wrench Wench Worx, we’re not just about CNC training, prototyping, and crafting custom goods. We’re about living and breathing the old-school values that have molded my career over the past 25 years.


Our Driving Values

Individuality & Learning:

We believe everyone is unique and learns through various methods – which is awesome, because we embrace diversity and individuality – the world would be pretty dull if we were all the same.  Our training is a blend of patience, kindness, creativity while maintaining a sense of humor and curiosity. It’s not just about learning; it’s about making it an engaging and entertaining experience. Custom training sessions? It’s like tailoring a suit, but for your brain.

Honesty & Fairness:

In my one-woman show, there might be times when my bandwidth resembles dial-up. Fear not; I’ll let you know. Time is valuable, and I won’t waste yours. Can’t take on your project? I’ll play matchmaker and try to recommend someone who can. Free consultations? Absolutely. Free applications engineering? Sorry, even cows aren’t that generous.

Curiosity & Safety with a Dash of Humor:

Learning machine tools is like learning to snowboard – challenging at times but a really fun ride once you get it down. Safety first, of course! While I might not know everything, I do know enough to guide you through the process safely without turning your workshop into a game of high RPM lawn jarts. We might break a few tools together along the way, but hey, that’s how we learn (and why I always bring an extra assortment of tools and materials for my workshops).  No worries – I have got you covered.


From custom goods to prototypes, nothing here is ‘boiler plate.’ Let’s talk shop! Send your prints, photos, or scribbles to wrenchwenchworx@gmail.com, and we will set up a free consultation. They are like a remote office coffee break,  but with fewer awkward silences. Fair and reasonable pricing is my jam, but I need to know what we’re working with. Consultations are free, as is the laughter and shop banter.

Our Vision:

At Wrench Wench Worx, we’re not just about making chips or sawdust; we’re about making your dreams into reality. Expect a journey filled with laughs, learning, and maybe a few unexpected turns. Thanks a ton for supporting my small, woman-owned business. Questions? Shoot them my way; I’m always here with a wrench in hand and a smile on my face.

Best Regards and Warmest Wishes,

Jenny, Diesel & Clutch 🛠️🐾

Our Mission

At Wrench Wench Worx, we’ve got a simple mission: we’re here to make things and spread the joy of creating with anyone eager to dive into the world of CNC. Sure, CNC might sound like alphabet soup at first, but fear not! We’ve mastered the art of turning complexity into simplicity, like a wizard turning lead into gold, but with fewer robes.

We’re not about overwhelming you with mind-numbing theory and formulas. Nope, we’re all about making CNC education as approachable as a friendly neighbor borrowing a cup of butter. We tailor our training to you, yes, YOU, so you not only learn but enjoy the process. Think of it as the difference between reading a manual and having a conversation with a wise old machinist who just happens to be a bit of a goofball.

Our goal? To make CNC not just understandable but downright fun. We want you to grasp the ins and outs, the twists and turns, and maybe even the occasional “oops” moment of CNC with confidence. Because, let’s face it, confidence is the secret sauce that turns a bunch of ones and zeros into a masterpiece.

Now, while we’re masters at custom CNC mill/router training for CTE programs, we’re not ones to shy away from a creative challenge. Got a project that’s as unique as a three-legged cat playing the accordion? Bring it on! Schedule and workload permitting, of course.

So, whether you’re curious, concerned, or just want to chat about the latest and greatest in the world of CNC, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re always up for a good conversation and maybe a few laughs along the way.

At Wrench Wench Worx, we’re not just turning metal; we’re turning the key to a world of creativity, one CNC adventure at a time.

Message from Owner/Lead Wench

I want to start off by thanking everyone who has traveled the weaving and winding road of my career that led to the inception of Wrench Wench Worx. This company would not be a reality without the love and support of my friends, family and colleagues in education and industry.

Wrench Wench Worx encompasses who I truly am as an individual, which is a creator and not a competitor.  While I have a great deal of respect for anyone who is able to navigate the stratosphere of the competitive corporate world, I find that my abilities and nature are best suited for life outside cubicles, metrics and spreadsheets.  I am most alive when I am able to share my craft and help those who have the drive to create as well, which is what spurred the foundation of this company.

Learning CNC can be a bit like drinking from a firehouse if you are a novice – but I have found throughout my career that I have an uncanny knack of being able to break down all that techy jargon into laymen’s terms that just about anyone can understand.  Paired with customized and engaging workshop projects – I have learned that my favorite thing to create is more creators.

If you are looking for a smartly dressed lecturer or a class that follows a strict and regimented outline full of PowerPoint slides, my guess is that I am not your cup of tea.  I have found that very few people actually enjoy being crammed around a machine/computer, listening to a seasoned expert throw a bunch of fancy verbiage at them whilst flipping through a plethora of complicated screens and theories.  My objective is not to teach you a glossary of terms or step you through an orientation project – but to leave you with the knowledge and skills that will allow you to confidently understand the CNC process so that you may begin to confidently tackle projects of your own.

With a sense of humor and spirit of adventure, we will tackle the obstacles that you are having with your own learning curve – there is no one-size-fits-all curriculum.  I strive to meet clients where they are at in their own technical education and help knock down those barriers that sit between you and building your own dream.

If you are interested in setting up some time to talk shop and see if I am able to help you conquer the world of CNC mills and routers, please don’t hesitate to set up a free consultation with me. (And do not worry if you are very new to the CNC world – there is no judgment and I will make sure that we are able to talk through your questions in a way that is comprehendible to you.) While I also do take on prototype and custom projects – lead times will vary depending on my bandwidth as a one-woman (and two dog) show.

Thanks again to everyone for the support – and I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Best Regards and Warmest Wishes,

Jenny Bannink Bloomer – Lead Wench of Wrench Wench Worx


It is said that a true friend accepts who you are, but also helps you become who you should be.  In my life, I have been blessed with so many spectacular friends, family, colleagues and clients who have supported me throughout my career and gave me the courage to take a running leap at my dreams.

I wish to extend extra gratitude and appreciation to a few of my dear friends, to whom without, Wrench Wench Worx may still be a pipe dream instead of a realized purpose. 

To Todd Weber, who designed our fantastic logo/branding – taking my original concept and turning that dial up to an 11!  (By the way, for anyone looking for an absolutely top notch logo or company brand theme – Todd is not only a gifted graphic designer, but he is a former Ghost Buster from Universal Studios – and a heck of a great guy!  Check him out at: https://theaestheticdept.com/  (I promise you will not be bored or sorry!)

My next extra special acknowledgement goes to my exceptionally talented, hardworking and patient web manager and designer, Becky Zingler. She not only built our company’s website in her limited free time, but she has also had the arduous task of being one of my closest friends, tasked with keeping me going when I was not quite sure that I could navigate the road ahead on this new adventure.  Thank you, not only for this amazing site (which is better than I had every anticipated) – but also for encouraging me to keep my foot on the gas pedal, when my insecurities were trying to convince me to brake.  🙂