There has been much chatter recently about the major shift in how the working class has been transitioning away from the traditional role of being a cog in the corporate machine– and the refrain that folks just ‘don’t want to work anymore’.  As I have spent most of my career as one of these cogs, I feel inclined to speak to this – as I do not believe that it is a lack of work ethic, but a shift in how my peers in the occupational stratum value our time and labors – and the opportunity of decision on who will financially benefit from our craft and experience in the long run.

In my youth, I had the most amazingly vivid and fun swimsuit ever. It was a Lisa Frank one-piece with – if I can recall – a very vibrant leopard printed tiger on the front and purple ruffles along the bottom. I absolutely loved this obnoxiously bright suit and wore it for many years. 

I had eventually grown beyond the capacity that it could support, and eventually, what was once comfortable became confining as there was no more room for me to squeeze into the apparel. Eventually, I had to shed my beloved childhood swimwear for something that could accommodate my growth and mobility. It was not out of a lack of appreciation for the garment, it was just no longer a good fit.

As I reflect upon the fond memories of that cherished Lisa Frank swimsuit, it became evident that our careers can often mirror the experience of outgrowing a beloved piece of clothing. Just as I adored that swimsuit, many of us pour our hearts and souls into our jobs, reveling in the excitement of early days, much like the blissful afternoons spent playing by the creek or slipping down the slide. We thrive in the familiar and comfortable routines, just as I did in my colorful, ruffled swimsuit.

However, as life unfolds, we change, grow, and evolve. Transformation, in the context of our careers, may bring new skills, talents, or even a shifting sense of self. It’s a natural part of our professional journey. And just as my once-beloved swimsuit began to pinch and constrain, we might find ourselves in workplaces that no longer fit our aspirations, values, or the direction in which we’re headed with our goals and future plans.

It’s during these moments of realization that we must decide on whether to continue squeezing ourselves into the ill-fitting confines of our current career role or take the first step towards a new path. For me, that decision led to trying my hand at entrepreneurship, where I could chart my course, stretch my potential, and grow beyond the constraints of corporate culture while staying true to my authentic self and values.

In a world where the relationship between employers and employees is evolving at an unprecedented pace, many in the working class are finding themselves drawn to new avenues where they can leverage their skills and talents to secure not just a job but a meaningful livelihood. Just as the Lisa Frank swimsuit of my youth taught me to realize when it was time for a change, so too are individuals (and companies) recognizing the need to adapt to the ever-changing job market.

As we peer into the horizon of the future, it’s clear that we’re on the brink of a resurgence in the cottage industry and the gig economy. The allure of independence, flexibility, and the chance to nurture one’s unique talents is driving this transformation. It’s a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and adaptability—the same spirit that prompts so many of us to take great personal financial risk in pursuit of growth and authenticity.  This transitional shift in the attitude towards career fulfillment could lead you to a better fitting company and corporate culture, or in many cases, an opportunity to be the captain of your own business venture.

The journey to find the right fit for your career and purpose may lead you down unexpected paths, as it has for me.  Embracing these changes, much like slipping into a new swimsuit that fits perfectly, can bring renewed energy, creativity, and fulfillment. So, as we navigate this ever-changing professional landscape, remember that the future is truly what we make of it—a tapestry of new and unique opportunities.

It’s a chance to sculpt a career that aligns with your evolving ambitions, and it begins with taking that first step. So, dare to dream, explore uncharted territories, and seize the opportunities that resonate with your passion and potential. Your next career move could be the key to unlocking your greatest achievements. Embrace change and start crafting your path towards a more fulfilling future today.

Namaste –

Jenny, Diesel and Clutch

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