Last week, I embarked on a transformative journey to #Portland#Oregon, uniting with esteemed peers in the #CNC industry, individuals I’ve long admired. Our purpose? To forge a path towards an exceptionally #unique training platform for #CTE #professional #development .
What I brought back this morning transcended the confines of a mere project’s beginning. Returning to #Wisconsin, I carried with me a rekindled passion, an awakened spirit, and a vibrant #creative flame.
Our gracious hosts and CNC pioneers, Sallye Coyle (affectionately known as Shopbot Sallye) and Ted Hall, orchestrated a week-long experience that etched itself into the tapestry of my life. Their infectious enthusiasm and dedication to empowering others through #education and accessible #machine #tool #technology permeated our days. Surrounded by kindred spirits, united by a shared mission to make technical education #accessible and #engaging, I was enveloped in their collective energy.
On our journey, we crossed paths with another inspiring industry educator, Jeston Porter of Enoch Precision Machining. The #synergy in our group was palpable, and our shared enthusiasm for this new endeavor ignited even brighter.
The backdrop for our discussions was nothing short of breathtaking – picturesque coastlines and a vineyard tour that invigorated the senses. I might have even swiped a grape or two from the vine! Gray whales spouted within view of the harbor, and the boundless Pacific views recharged my spirit and energy.
I embarked on this journey searching for direction and inspiration in my role as a private contractor. What I found, however, was a profound sense of purpose. The week unfolded with a serendipitous rhythm, revealing new opportunities for our shared mission. Doubts faded, and my vigor was reborn.
For the first time in years, I see boundless #possibilities on the horizon. I am thrilled to embark on this venture alongside #innovative, inspiring, and unwavering fellow #trailblazers. We are poised to redefine what’s achievable, and I am looking forward to growing our vision and mission together in the future!

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