FIRST Robotics

Eight years ago, FIRST robotics captured my heart with its vibrant spirit of ‘coopertition.’ Volunteering at the Seven Rivers Regional in LaCrosse, WI, I aimed to bridge the gap between industry and education. Little did I know, FIRST would profoundly impact my life. This year, I entered the venue not as a volunteer for a company, […]

ACE Certification

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn Throughout my career in the trades, I have been privileged to have worked on a vast variety of extraordinary projects, from aerospace to medical components. I take a great deal of pride in crafting precision parts and I immensely enjoy the challenge as well as […]

Transformative Journey

Last week, I embarked on a transformative journey to #Portland, #Oregon, uniting with esteemed peers in the #CNC industry, individuals I’ve long admired. Our purpose? To forge a path towards an exceptionally #unique training platform for #CTE #professional #development . What I brought back this morning transcended the confines of a mere project’s beginning. Returning to #Wisconsin, I carried with me a rekindled passion, an awakened spirit, […]